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WordPress How to Fix: Warning: printf() [function.printf]: Too few arguments in template-tags.php

If your theme is throwing errors in WordPress, the best way to fix it is of course to fix the underlying issue in the theme. For some, this fix is outside their technical ability or they don’t want to introduce a fix that will get over-written in the next theme update. It’s always helpful to let a developer know if their theme is having issues, as they may not know!

For a quick fix, you can tell WordPress to just not print any errors it gets and instead just write them to the logs.

Go to your wp-config.php file (in the root of your wordpress directory) and find the line that says:


Be sure to change the WP_DEBUG value to false and add the following lines below it:

 @ini_set('display_errors', 0);

These additions to your wp-config.php file will prevent wordpress from displaying ANY errors, so use with caution!

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