Discounts and Promotions

The branding of Heart Computers is based on love, the most marked of human experiences, and that’s what we pour into our work. We recognize the importance of small businesses in the community and assume the responsibility that comes with our work. Businesses do not exist in a vacuum; they take the support of an entire community and we want to show our love to the community in ways other than great rates and happy computers.

With our discounts, we recognize many of the community heroes that go unsung in our area and reward customers who value our business.

Teachers & Librarians – Access to education and knowledge are not only the first defense of freedom, but perhaps the most important and most often overlooked parts of a democratic society. Nothing is more important than making sure everyone has an access to an education. Heart Computers recognized those who work hard every day to make that dream a reality and will gladly drop our labor costs by 15% for such a cause. (Cannot be combined with other discounts)

BitCoin – Pay with BitCoin and get 10% off any computer repair or data recovery service

Student Discount – All students get 10% off our services.

Non-profits and Community Organizations – Are you getting on-site service or computers repaired for the food bank, a group that cleans up public parks, or a low-cost health clinic? We have this discount to thank people who tirelessly volunteer to make this world a better place for all. Non-profits and community organizations receive 15% off of all labor. This offer is sweet, but it can’t be combined with the teacher/librarian discount. Nice try though, you get a gold star for creativity.

Return Customers – Why is it that so many companies give discounts to new customers but not to those who return year after year? Maybe it’s because they don’t value their customers like we do. For every computer you repair with us, you get 5% off all future repairs (up to 15%). This is a great deal but remember that it can’t be combined with other discounts.