Giving Back

Heart Computers recognizes the important roles that local businesses play in the lives of those who live and work in our community. We are not just a big-box retailer who offers you the lowest cost by any means necessary, we are a company run by real people who care about more than the bottom line. Whether it’s during the repair process or when we print up promotional materials, the environment, our community, and the people that support us are always in the forefront of our decision-making. Here’s a couple of things that set us apart from the pack.

BOINC and Distributed Computing

As a way of giving back, we install BOINC (the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) onto the machines of our clients who request it. BOINC is a distributed computer system which uses the spare (idle) processing power of volunteer’s computers to analyze data for scientific and medical research. BOINC has already made a number of scientific breakthroughs, so ask us to install it next time we work on your machine!

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Our entire supply and work chain is designed to reduce our environmental footprint every step of the way. Electronics are inherently a very dirty business from the extraction of the heavy metals put into them all the way to their disposal. We recognize this and work overtime to make sure we leave this planet and industry a little better than when we got here. We minimize paperwork by doing much of our work online, recycle components and give them back to the community, and encourage our customers to buy used instead of new for many of our parts. In the industry, we are strong advocates for computer take-back programs, more responsible manufacturing, and fair wages for the people who produce our components.

5% to Charity

5% of profits from Heart Computers are donated to charities and local community organizations. To see our most recent donations check out our Facebook page. We also contribute to free and open-source software projects that empower users to better use and repair their own devices. Past donations have gone to the following organizations and open-source/free software projects.